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NotePass Vault

EasyChair Preprint no. 12781

5 pagesDate: March 27, 2024


This is proposal for system “Android Based Notes application which can store passwords ,documents and notes with many secure features. This application will be explained later in details. But here, we will explain the general use or concept of this application. The general concept of this application its build based on a problem that user has many a number of digital accounts in this internet era but the problem being that he has to remember many passwords . So in order to make it easy any secure to store our password this application is being developed. User can save as a normal notes, and can save as a secure passwords and documents from anyone else that might use or read the notes and make sure that your notes can be protect from anyone .The application will be designed with security and usability in mind, and will be thoroughly tested to ensure that it is robust and reliable. By the end of this project, it is expected that from this application is will ease the security of our passwords and documents and friendly user. As a problem mention, this application is introduced to solve and secure the notes and passwords. The method used in order to build this application is by using Android Studio, Java , Firebase security.

Keyphrases: Document and Password Manager, NotePass Password Manager, NotePass Vault, Notes and Password Manager

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