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FRENCHIE (Frenchtoss Clothing Co. Inventory and POS Management with Barcode System

EasyChair Preprint no. 10303

10 pagesDate: May 31, 2023


The main objective of this project is to help the

Frenchtoss Clothing Co. business to eliminate

the problem regarding unorganized managing of

their inventory. This system will help them

create an easier way to manage and organized

their inventory and generate reports without

hassle. The system also has a barcode features

which will be used to make finding an item

within the system much easier, instead of

scrolling throughout a lot of item or product just

by entering the product barcode, they can easily

find and update the data for a specific product.

This project provides security for the

information about the employee, and the product

itself. It also gives assurance to the owner that

their product data is safe from being

manipulated by unauthorized personnel. Using

this system gave a lot of help specially to

organizing the inventory of the business, it helps

them track and create more diverse way of

managing their business and handling their

product. This generates soft copies of the

product data as well as the POS of the business

which will be helpful to track the performance of

the business throughout a year, or a month, week

or even for a day. It can help the owner alleviate

the stress of having too much product, or less

product of an item, with this system it will

accurately count the number of items/product

that was available to the store and make

everything easier.

Keyphrases: Authentication, Inventory Management System, Point of Sale (POS), Security, Technology

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