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Durability assessment of geopolymer façade panels based on CDW

EasyChair Preprint no. 410

8 pagesDate: August 8, 2018


Within InnoWEE project (Innovative pre-fabricated components including different waste construction materials reducing building energy and minimising environmental impact) construction and demolition waste (CDW) were processed into fine fractions which were further embedded into innovative high performance prefabricated geopolymeric panels. CDW fractions consisted of bricks, concrete, mortars, and wood chips. As a binder slag and metakaolin were used and activated by mixture of K/Na-silicate and KOH/NaOH. Optimized compositions were defined and panels were produced into sizes of 50 cm x 50 cm with the intended use for contact bonded (ETICs like) or ventilated façades. One type of panels was produced by using mainly inorganic CDW and are designated as high density geopolymer panels (HDP), another type was made of at least 40 % of CDW woodchips and designated as wood- based geopolymer panels (WGP). Panels were assessed for their durability according to the provisions of ETAG 004 and other relevant standards for façade systems; among them freeze – thaw resistance, impact resistance, water vapour permeability, capillary water uptake. Results showed that the performance of such panels is suitable for inteded use. “This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 723916”.

Keyphrases: building products, CDW-construction and demolition waste, Durability, Façade panels, Geopolymer

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