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Axial Load-Moment Interaction Behavior of Circular FRP-Concrete–Steel Double-Skin Tubular Columns

EasyChair Preprint no. 13459

10 pagesDate: May 29, 2024


Double-skin tubular columns (DSTCs) are hybrid columns optimized for a higher strength-to-weight ratio, enhanced ductility, etc., by taking advantage of the mechanical properties of their constituent materials. The confined concrete behavior of DSTCs, having concrete core sandwiched between outer fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) and inner steel tubes is scantly studied under eccentric compression in the literature. This study investigated the nonlinear behavior of glass FRP-concrete-steel circular DSTCs under eccentric compression loading. A detailed nonlinear finite element modeling was used for generating numerical models after verifying methodology against documented results on tested circular DSTCs for eccentric compression. The compression load eccentricity was varied in numerical models from 0-40 mm, similar to the documented test results. Following numerical model verification, typical five-point axial load-moment interaction curves were developed for the analyzed columns using (1) a theoretical approach based on centrically loaded axial stress-strain formulations for confined concrete, (2) nonlinear finite element analysis methodology, and (3) experimental results. Comparison between theoretical, numerical, and experimental interaction curve results showed close agreements. The research depicted a need for further development of eccentrically loaded axial stress-strain formulations for accurately capturing the axial load-moment interaction behavior of DSTCs.

Keyphrases: axial load moment interaction behavior, axial load moment interaction curves, compressive behavior of hybrid double skin, confined concrete, double_skin columns, eccentric compression, eccentric compression., finite element analysis, FRP, hybrid double skin tubular columns, nonlinear finite element analysis

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