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Fabrication and Performance Analysis of Electric Duct Fan with After Burner

EasyChair Preprint no. 10253

4 pagesDate: May 24, 2023


EDF jet Engine is the combination of Electric Duct Fan and After Buner. EDF jet Engine uses the Hybrid system. The EDF uses 2200kv Brushless Motor to run the propeller and After Burner uses the fuel to increase the thrust of the EDF Jet Engine. In this Paper we test Thrust, Air Flow, RPM and Velocity of the EDF Jet Engine.

An EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) jet engine is an efficient and quiet form of propulsion for model airplanes and drones, using lightweight fan blades to draw air in, accelerate it through the ducting, and expel it out the back. This process generates thrust while providing a realistic, scale-like appearance. The performance of an EDF jet engine is determined by several factors, including the size and shape of the ducted fan, the number and design of the fan blades, and the power output of the electric motor. EDFs are typically rated in terms of their diameter (in millimeters) and number of fan blades, such as a 100mm 12-blade EDF.

Afterburner jet engines are designed to provide additional thrust in situations where high acceleration or speed is required by injecting fuel into the exhaust stream and igniting it. This allows the aircraft to boost its performance during takeoff and evasive maneuvers, although this will not deliver a scale-like appearance. Both types of jet engines have important roles in model aviation, delivering reliable performance with minimal environmental impact.

This abstract will discuss the construction, working principle, advantages, and disadvantages of afterburner jet engines. Afterburners are an important component of military aircraft and have been used extensively in fighter jets and some commercial aircraft, such as the Concorde. Understanding the construction and working of afterburner jet engines is essential for those involved in aircraft design and maintenance, as well as aviation enthusiasts.

Keyphrases: After-burner, Airflow, EDF, Latest Measurement, Thrust

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