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Reduction in NOx Emission of Soap-Nut Oil Biodiesel in VCR Diesel Engine Using EGR

EasyChair Preprint no. 9491

10 pagesDate: December 18, 2022


Researchers from all over the world are looking for the best alternative fuel for a variety of uses due to the significant increase in demand for energy with the fewest emissions feasible. Additionally, a number of emission standards for automobiles have been developed globally to minimize the quantity of pollutants produced by the engine. Biodiesel is one of the best suitable fuels and is generated form waste vegetable oil by means of transesterification process. However, increased NOx emission is one of the main disadvantages of using biodiesel as a fuel. In order to reduce the emissions to a greater extent, Exhaust gas re-circulation (EGR) process can be employed that can control the NOx emissions from the engine. By regulating the flame temperature and oxygen concentration in the chamber, a certain portion of exhaust is recirculated back into the combustion chamber with a new charge, which contributes to a reduction in NOx emissions. Effect of three different EGR ratios on the performance and emission parameter is studied. The blend of Soap-nut oil biodiesel with BHT as an additive will be used for the current experiment. The experiment showed that reduction in NOx emissions leads to increase in percentage of EGR gas which also tends to increase brake thermal efficiency. However, increase in hydro-carbons, carbon monoxide emission and smoke opacity are recorded with the use of EGR.

Keyphrases: BHT, EGR, Emissions, Soap-nut oil biodiesel, VCR Diesel engine

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