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The Effect of Information Communication Technology in Ensuring Financial Inclusion in Cameroon

EasyChair Preprint no. 12955

14 pagesDate: April 9, 2024


With the advent of globalization and the development of ICT, every human activity is been affected. Presently we are living in the world of highly advanced technologies which gives varous economic opportunities and make a contribution to create values for any business organization. The development of ICT shaped the lifestyle of many enterprises especially the banking industry.  Banking services can now be provided from an electronic service point. This actually help both the banked and unbanked segment of the population to enjoy appropriate financial services and at an affordable price. This paper identifies the factors that determine the usage of ICT by Cameroonians and its effect on accessing appropriate and affordable financial services by all members of the population especially the vulnerable.  Data was collected from both primary and seconday sources and presented, analyse and interpreted. A conceptial model is developed that measure the effect of Information and Communication technology on financial inclusion in Cameroon. The main finding indicate that development in ICT has a significant effect in fostering financial inclusion in Cameroon and therefore digitalization of the financial sector will help to solve the problem of financial exclusion in Cameroon.

Keyphrases: Cameroon, Financial Inclusion, Information Communication Technology

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