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Hybrid Linear Precoding Strategy for Multiuser Massive MIMO Millimeter Wave Systems

EasyChair Preprint no. 1898

5 pagesDate: November 8, 2019


Multiuser-MIMO Millimeter wave based communication system has been considered as a current area of research for the future communication systems to serve multi-user simultaneously with a multiple data streams. Hybrid analog/digital architecture is the most satisfied architecture of the mmWave MIMO communication objectives and can be applied at both the base and mobile stations. Thus, exploiting the hybrid precoding/combining techniques offered by this architecture allow the realization of the multi-stream/multi-user transmission. We propose in this paper, a low computational complexity linear hybrid precoding schemes based on classical linear precoding and SVD decompostion of each channel user to avoid information exchange by the feedback where each user is powered by hybrid architecture. The simulation results demonstrate that our proposed two-stage hybrid linear precoding schemes can achieve a higher spectral efficiency compared with existing methods where each user is equipped with a single combiner and confirms its better management of the multi-user interference.

Keyphrases: hybrid precoding, Massive MIMO, Millimeter wave multi-user MIMO, MMSE, MRT, ZF

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