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Implementation of Online to Offline Sales Strategy, a Review of Choosing Methods to Increase Sales After the Covid-19 Pandemic

EasyChair Preprint no. 11391

6 pagesDate: November 27, 2023


This research aims to analyze, test and explain the implementation of online to offline sales strategies which will review online marketing and shopping with several selected methods for increasing sales after the Covid-19 pandemic. The research method uses a qualitative approach by determining how to search, collect data, process data and analyze the research data. Research with a qualitative approach can be used to understand social problems, for example by in-depth interviews so that clear patterns can be found. The resource persons in this research are traditional market consumers, e-commerce consumers, traditional market traders, e-commerce traders and marketing experts. The marketing method most often mentioned by informants is the use and utilization of social media, especially the use of online media. WhatsApp status is also a marketing method using online communication channel that is the most effective for shopping after seeing the status displayed on the WhatsApp application because the seller is definitely known because they are already in the contacts of the informants. Increase online to offline sales by placing pre-orders so buyers can just come and pick up orders directly. Traditional sellers who switched and implemented an online to offline strategy experienced a significant increase in sales. Consumer recognition of actors and also consumer trust are important in online to offline sales activities, therefore business actors are obliged to maintain the trust they have gained from consumers.

Keyphrases: Marketing, offline sales, online marketing, Online to Offline

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