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Industrial Management in the Digital Era. Russian and Global Experience

EasyChair Preprint no. 6707

13 pagesDate: September 27, 2021


In the era of digitalization, an important task of industrial enterprises is to ensure effective activity when implementing modern information tools of Industry 4.0. "Industry 4.0" and "Quality 4.0 – are concepts closely related to the development process in production management, chain production, and quality management. These terms are also strongly associated with such a concept as the fourth industrial revolution. It is these principles that are the engine of progress in the era of digitalization, and are also a screening filter in the industrial sector.

The world economy is on the verge of profound changes comparable in scale to the onset of the first industrial revolution, the development of conveyor production or the invention of microchips. Technological progress allows us to achieve an increasingly high level of automation. Meanwhile, the almost universal ownership of smart devices in many parts of the world leads to a degree of interconnectedness that was previously unimaginable.

These developments, part of the fourth technology-based industrial revolution, have significant implications for investors, the global economy and the relative competitiveness of developed and developing countries. Thus, these changes are an interesting and important topic. These changes will have a variety of consequences for countries, businesses and individuals. Automation will continue to put pressure on the wages of low-skilled workers and will begin to affect the employment prospects of medium-skilled workers. On the contrary, the potential return from highly skilled and more adapted workers increases. Many labor-intensive industries should be able to increase the profit margin, as they replace expensive workers for cheaper robots or intelligent software. And a number of completely new companies and sectors will appear.

The article discusses the main aspects of industrial management in the digital era, reveals the Russian and world experience.

Keyphrases: Digitalization, Industry 4.0, Quality 4.0, Quality Management

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