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Digital Technologies as a Means of Forming Subject-Methodical Competence Future Primary School Teachers

EasyChair Preprint no. 10929

11 pagesDate: September 20, 2023


The article updates the problem of the application of digital technologies in various professional methods and their integration in the educational process of institutions of higher pedagogical education. According to the authors, the formation of subject-methodical competence of future primary school teachers is not possible without the formation of abilities: navigate in the information space, use existing and, if necessary, create new electronic resources; use modern digital technologies in the educational process. For the formation of professional skills and abilities in students of pedagogical specialties, the quality of educational content of a methodological nature, created by means of digital technologies, is essential. In accordance with the purpose of digital technologies and their application in professional teaching methods, the most effective sets of programs and applications were determined for students to create educational and methodological support for the educational process in primary school. Such as: mind maps (summary diagram of interactive lessons),presentations (demonstration of educational materials), comics (visualization of educational information in frames-pictures), word clouds (visualization of educational content in keywords), infographics (visualization and structuring of a large amount of educational information), virtual boards (coordination of work in groups in class, during the web quests, organization of student communication), interactive tasks and online tests (creation of exercises to acquire skills, development of tasks and tests to reveal knowledge and skills).

Keyphrases: digital technologies, future primary school teachers, information-digital competence, professional training, subject-methodical competence

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