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The Mobile Command System of UAV Operation Inspection and Dispatching Oriented to Fusion Multi Sensors

EasyChair Preprint no. 9108

6 pagesDate: October 24, 2022


In order to improve the intelligent inspection level of transmission lines and improve the efficiency of inspection work, this paper proposes a mobile command cabin for the operation inspection and scheduling of UAVs based on multi-sensor fusion. The cabin can be equipped with 2 unmanned aerial vehicles for autonomous multi mission flight in formation to achieve comprehensive collection of patrol data and comprehensive perception of operation status. This paper adopts wide area/local area communication technology to realize patrol while walking and take off and landing in different places; 12 bit intelligent charging cabinet is configured to realize remote control addressing charging relay; Configure GPS/RTK dual-mode navigation system, and realize one click defect analysis report generation and intelligent inspection APP approval defect elimination function by using front-end identification+edge computing+back-end identification+deep learning technology. The results show that the application has been implemented in the 253000 km2 operation and maintenance area of a certain place, and 20 1409 km transmission lines and channels have been inspected intelligently, 225 defects have been found and analyzed, and 66 hidden dangers have been eliminated. The operation inspection efficiency is 60% higher than that of manual processing

Keyphrases: Multi type diagnosis, multi-sensor, Power transmission line patrol inspection, UAV

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