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Bio-Inspired Landing Gear for UAV's

EasyChair Preprint no. 13227

10 pagesDate: May 8, 2024


The largest surveillance drone has a battery life of only thirty minutes, therefore we have to land the drone in unusual places to ensure the battery lasts. The landing gear that is currently in place is replaced in the article as a solution to the aforementioned issue. The landing gear discussed in this paper is made with careful consideration for the weight of the drones and the effects they may have when they land in unexpected places. The bioinspired landing gear ought to be robust enough to support the UAV's weight as well as its componentry. They are made to land in unusual places, such as slopes and tree branches. The landing gear, which is bioinspired, is attached to the drone through a plate underneath. The document submitted In order to solve the problem of the UAV's battery running low, the study proposed a landing gear that can be utilized to land in a typical locations and effectively cut off the power supply for a while. The paper also made sure to focus on the material that was used. High thermal efficiency PETG material was chosen. The landing gear can be fabricated in accordance with the differences in drone sizes, and production costs can also vary proportionally.

Keyphrases: Bio-inspired, landing gear, PETG, slope, surveillance, Unconventional areas, weight

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