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Experiencing Digital Education

EasyChair Preprint no. 3674

7 pagesDate: June 24, 2020


In my research, I sought the answer to the question of how the continuation of Hungarian public education in digital distance education - due to the situation created by the virus - affected teachers, students and parents. We were the first to ask teachers about the experience of digital education with the help of a questionnaire survey by type of institution and settlement. I also consider the preparations and the way of implementation to be important. In our research, preparedness, preparatory work for education, and balance with family life appear first. The second part of our research shows the attitude of parents towards digital education. In this, we asked about their technical background, timeframes and methodological knowledge, in addition to providing subjective feedback on how the digital way of distance learning can be developed. Our research aims to explore, in a non-representative way (the size of sampling above of 300 reply/category), the feedback that comes from the community of educators and parents. In connection with these feedbacks, we want to provide support to developers, decision-makers and education organizers on the means to achieve greater impact and the needs of the actors in the system. We want to present a positive vision and trust that this transitional situation will mobilize energies that will invigorate traditional education methodologies and embrace 21st century methods in education.

Keyphrases: digital education, distance education, teaching methodology

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