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Opportunities and Challenges in Bioinformatics for Implementing Mobile Cloud

EasyChair Preprint no. 2587

7 pagesDate: February 6, 2020


Biomedical research has become a digital data-intensive endeavor, relying on secure and scalable computing, storage, and network infrastructure, which has traditionally been used, supported, and maintained locally. For some types of biomedical applications, cloud computing has emerged as an alternative to locally maintained traditional computing approaches. Accordingly, I think that Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) is as the heart of healthcare system. MCC offers new kinds of services and facilities for patients and medical staff. For this I have tried to propose a new mobile medical online system. To this senario, I tried to implement a medical cloud expert system (MCES) solution using Google’s Android OS. The developed system has been working using the CloudSim Simulator. This paper gives initial results of the system in practice. In fact the proposed solution shows that the MCES has a regulating capability to tackle the problem of existing application. The performance of the MCES is compared with the traditional system in polyclinic which showed that this prototype yields better performance than usual application.

Keyphrases: Cloud Computing, CloudSim, Healthcare, Medical cloud expert system, Mobile Web Services

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