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Technology Mediated Nudging in a Mobile Health Context

EasyChair Preprint no. 659

7 pagesDate: December 3, 2018


According to a vision for eHealth launched in 2016 by the Swedish Government, Sweden will be leading the way in using the potential of digitalization and eHealth to help people achieve a good and equal health. To achieve this vision, we argue that initiatives in eHealth need to augment a health promotion perspective. This implies a more preventive approach that transforms the health concept to a continuous participative process over the life course. A stronger emphasis on consumer technologies is needed to understand how interaction with web based and mobile systems may affect health related choices, and how to empower people to pursue a healthy lifestyle. A topic of particular significance is how mobile applications may utilize the theoretical principles for behavior change. In this context, it is relevant to analyze how nudges can be implemented in a mobile context. We propose that more research is needed in this area.

Keyphrases: eHealth, mobile health, nudging, preventive paradigm

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