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Hexagonal Microstrip Patch Antenna Design for UWB Application

EasyChair Preprint no. 7715

5 pagesDate: April 3, 2022


Microstrip patch antennas is one of the most used antennas for wireless communication. Its key features include a limited bandwidth, low cost, and ease of manufacture. This paper describes about the design of microstrip patch antenna over the frequency range of 3.1 GHz to 10.6 GHz for UWB applications. The substrate material chosen is FR4, having a loss tangent of 0.02, dielectric constant of 4.4, and substrate thickness of 1.59 mm. This work presents design of microstrip antenna with hexagonal shaped radiating patch. An antenna is modelled and analysed using HFSS 2021 R2 software. The antenna structure provides return loss which is less than -10 dB and a VSWR less than 2 over the specified frequency range. The simulated results of proposed hexagonal shaped microstrip patch antenna provides a peak gain of 5.32 dB with radiation efficiency of 90.88 %. The planned antennas can be used for UWB applications.

Keyphrases: Gain, MSA, radiation pattern, UWB

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