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The Role of Vision and Purpose in Effective Leadership

EasyChair Preprint no. 13670

20 pagesDate: June 15, 2024


Effective leadership drives success and inspires individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. Vision and purpose play a pivotal role in shaping and guiding such leadership. This abstract explores the significance of vision and purpose ineffective leadership and highlights their transformative impact.


Vision serves as a driving force in leadership by providing a clear direction. A leader's vision sets the path forward, outlining goals and objectives that inspire and motivate others. It acts as a beacon, guiding individuals and teams towards a shared destination. Additionally, vision aligns goals and actions, ensuring that efforts are focused and coordinated, enhancing productivity and efficiency.


Purpose, on the other hand, acts as a guiding principle in effective leadership. It establishes a sense of meaning and direction, answering the fundamental "why" behind actions and decisions. Purpose goes beyond mere profitability or performance metrics; it encompasses broader societal and ethical considerations. By nurturing purpose, leaders create a strong organizational culture that fosters commitment, engagement, and a shared sense of values.

Keyphrases: impact, Long term vision, Meaningful purpose, Purpose articulation, short term goals, stakeholder engagement, values

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