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A Negotiation Protocol in a Group Decision Support System Using a Multi-Criteria Analysis Method

EasyChair Preprint no. 2835

13 pagesDate: March 3, 2020


Decision-making is one of the most important activities in our daily lives, especially in professional life. Faced with a decision problem, the decision-maker will have to judge and evaluate the different solutions. This means that the decision-maker must define his point of view and choose one or more solutions. A criterion can therefore be defined as the means of modelling a point of view. However, several aspects of a solution may contribute to the same point of view. Indeed, multi-criteria analysis allows the different criteria to be judged and selected. Multi-criteria analysis is therefore an important step in the decision-making process.

The main contribution proposed in this study is in the area of collaborative decision support. This activity consists in organizing, over time, the realization of interdependent tasks, taking into account temporal constraints and the exploitation of resources. The objective is to find a common agreement between the various decision-makers based on a multi-criteria analysis method PROMETHEE II. In this context, negotiation has proven to be a powerful mechanism for finding mutually acceptable compromises. For this purpose, multi-agent systems (MAS) constitute a very appropriate and powerful paradigm for modelling decision-makers' behaviour. In this study we propose a negotiation protocol based on the election for the resolution of the problem of spatial localization in territory planning (TP).

Keyphrases: Group Decision Support System, multi-agent systems, Multicriteria Decision Analysis, Negotiation, Territory Planning

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