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From Spot 2.0 to Spot 2.10: What's New?

EasyChair Preprint no. 8618

13 pagesDate: August 8, 2022


Spot is a C++17 library for LTL and ω-automata manipulation, with command-line utilities, and Python bindings. This paper summarizes its evolution over the past six years, since the release of Spot 2.0, which was the first version to support ω-automata with arbitrary acceptance conditions, and the last version presented at a conference. Since then, Spot has been extended with several features such as acceptance transformations, alternating automata, games, LTL synthesis, and more. We also shed some lights on the data-structure used to store automata.

Keyphrases: acceptance condition, Emerson-Lei acceptance, HOA format, LTL, tool, transformation, ω-automata

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