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Generation Scheduling of Grid Connected Microgrid Using GAMS

EasyChair Preprint no. 10265

6 pagesDate: May 25, 2023


The integrated form of distributed energy resources make a small-scale power grid called microgrid. Based on the production of electrical energy renewable energy sources are integrated especially wind energy which gives various features to the power system.Here a grid-connected mode of microgrid with wind energy resources is used which offers a positive impact on quality of life, climate change and energy efficiency.In this paper an integrated scheduling model is used to find an optimal solution of distributed energy resource network and depository devices in such a way that both cost and emission are reduced by using General Algebraic Modelling System(GAMS). The results show that this system can efficiently synchronize the power generation of distributed energy system and the fluctuations of wind power production is reduced due to the presence of Energy Storage System (ESS). Such that the system is handling uncertainties correctly in electrical microgrid.

Keyphrases: Introduction, problem formulation, result

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