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Numeric Approach in Handwriting Comparison

EasyChair Preprint no. 8501

8 pagesDate: July 20, 2022


In forensic handwriting examination, the examinator is repeatedly confronted with very similar handwritings. In case of counterfeiting, such imitation is mostly executed as similarly as possible to the model. However, there are writers who by nature have a very similar style to their "model" or can put themselves in the person's shoes exceptionally well. In forensics, this often results in wrong judgements. This circumstance is to be countered by means of a more specific approach than usual. In consequence, in all these cases where highly similar handwritings occur we have to use comparison methods as e.g. systematic scales of quantified on the basis of a highly differentiated quality analysis, followed by a systematic numerical approach. Some appropriate instruments have proven to be very useful and convenient in this context so as to achieve scientifically based assessments. In the following, some related methods will be presented for discussion.

Keyphrases: cluster analysis, Graphic facts, graphic feature, Handwriting comparison, handwriting examination, matisse movement form space, Numeric approach, Quantified scales for qualitative characteristics, schriftpsychologie und schriftvergleichung, Similar Handwritings, stroke total congruence po, Systematic assessment of graphic features, very similar handwriting, zeitschrift fur schriftpsychologie

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