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Perspective on Effect of Metallic Fillers on Electrical Conductivity of FRP Composites

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6 pagesDate: March 24, 2020


In general, the composites are electric insulators but there are so many applications where the properties of composites are required along with partial conductivity. In aeronautical applications to avoid turbulence, it is required to provide electromagnetic shielding effect along with an increase in electrical conductivity. While improving electrical conductivity to serve the purpose for which the FRP (Fibre reinforced polymer) is fabricated, balancing other properties such as mechanical and thermal properties is an essential task. In this paper, a brief review of the previous work is carried out to understand the effect of various metallic fillers on characteristics of FRP composite. After reviewing the scope of using metallic filler in FRP composites, it is figured out that the electrical conductivity of FRP can be improved by adopting metal particulates as fillers in the process of FRP fabrication. These procedures play an additional role in the FRP structure and the electrical conductivity rises significantly in some of the cases.

Keyphrases: electrical conductivity, electromagnetic shielding, filler, FRP

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