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Effectiveness of Developed Learning Management System in Terms of Achievement of B.Ed. Teacher Trainees

EasyChair Preprint no. 3113

7 pagesDate: April 5, 2020


The present piece of research work is associated with Information & Communication Technology which involves the incorporation of internet services in the teaching methods to provide all round fortification of education. With the use of technology and Internet in teaching- learning has shown noteworthy changes, as they provide new ways of gaining knowledge. Today the students prefer to learn informally rather than to get formal education. Also, during this fast pacing life most of the teaching methods skip the needs of slow learners and backward child. To overcome these flaws of today’s teaching methods, one of the ways of teaching widely to endorse knowledge consists in the use and creation of virtual ambience around the learner which is available online in various formats, which can be achieved by Learning Management Systems. The paper is about a study whose objective is to study the effect of learning management system in terms of achievement for B.Ed. Teacher Trainees. The type of research design was Single -Group Pre test-Post test Design. The sample consists of 48 B.Ed. Teacher Trainees of second semester who were selected by random sampling. Single group was taught by learning management system and achievement test was applied before and after teaching through LMS. The tools was developed by the researcher i.e. achievement test. Appropriate statistics i.e. correlated t-test was used for the analysis of data. The results of the present study reveals that learning management system is effective in terms of achievement and significantly affect the achievement of B.Ed. Teacher Trainees. These results are valuable for augmenting achievement using LMS- MOODLE.

Keyphrases: Achievement, Learning Management System, Moodle

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