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InterPlanet Computer Networking: Self-Replicating Networks in Managing a Fleet of Robots within Planetary Environment.

EasyChair Preprint no. 7707

12 pagesDate: April 2, 2022


The interplanet internet is a conceived computer network in space, consisting of a set of network nodes that can communicate with each other. These nodes are the planet’s orbiters (satellites) and landers (e.g. robots, autonomous machines, etc.) and the earth ground stations, and the data can be routed through Earth’s internal internet. As resource depletion on Earth becomes real, the idea of extracting valuable elements from asteroids or using space-based resources to build space habitats becomes more attractive, one of the key technologies for harvesting resources is robotic space mining( minerals, metals, etc.,) or robotic building of space settlement. Robots have been designed to work together in a site either to construct a habitat or unearth/mine the surface for minerals. Here in this paper, first we present an evolutionary algorithm which is an addressable information network based on natural selection to implement interactive collaborative process which is a process of selecting the shape of robots body and its distribution of legs and structure that are automatically designed in simulation to perform a specific task. Also, we present a self-replicating robot which is a trained neural network program that is able to take in, react to the environment and create a copy of itself and form a pattern, much like our DNA. Here, we look at self-replicating program which is an intelligent program and produces a copy of its own code in similar capable machine/robot for execution of particular task. As it is planetary based architecture, the results could not be tested due to unavailability of large wireless networks over long distances however, the proposed  implementation was tested with small population of sample candidates and the results suggest that we can achieve replication in robots by reproducing work pattern in networked machines/resources to achieve desired objective of inter-planetary exploration/exploitation.

Keyphrases: Evolution Strategy, Integrating New Neural Networks, InterPlanet Computer Networking, Self-Evolving AI, Self-Replicating Networks

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