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Optimal Solution Leaching Rates with a Deficit of Irrigation Water

EasyChair Preprint no. 3325

8 pagesDate: May 3, 2020


The growing demand for water resources is associated with many natural and anthropogenic factors: diversification of the economy, growth of water supply and requirements, construction of hydropower complexes, problems with managing the transboundary rivers waters, restoration of the ecology of the Aral Sea region and others. Now much attention is paid to the distribution of irrigation water during the growing season including the introduction of drip and spring irrigation systems, irrigation pipelines, etc. But, unfortunately, attention remains to the issues of effective salt leaching management th land to the extent of soil salinity, cpop variety, the composition of salts and salinity. In this paper, the authors attempt to solve this problem.

Keyphrases: hydromodule areas., Irrigation, mechanical composition of soil, salinity level, washing operations, water shortage

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