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Verification Of Content Against Dithering Auditors Using CPVPA

EasyChair Preprint no. 2923

5 pagesDate: March 11, 2020


The deployment of cloud storage services has significant benefits in managing data for users. However, it also causes many security concerns, and one of them is data integrity. Public verification techniques can enable a user to employ a third-party auditor to verify the data integrity on behalf of her/him, whereas existing public verification schemes are vulnerable to procrastinating auditors who may not perform verifications on time. Furthermore, most of public verification schemes are constructed on the public key infrastructure (PKI), and thereby suffer from certificate management problem. In this paper, we propose the first certificate less public verification scheme against procrastinating auditors by using blockchain technology. The key idea is to require auditors to record each verification result into a blockchain as a transaction. Since transactions on the blockchain are time-sensitive, the verification can be time-stamped after the corresponding transaction is recorded into the blockchain, which enables users to check whether auditors perform the verifications at the prescribed time. Moreover, CPVPA is built on certificate less cryptography, and is free from the certificate management problem. We present rigorous security proofs to demonstrate the security of CPVPA, and conduct a comprehensive performance evaluation to show that CPVPA is efficient.

Keyphrases: Auditors, CPVPA, Integrity, PKI, Procrastination

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