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Preliminary Design of an UAV Based System for Wildlife Monitoring and Conservation

EasyChair Preprint no. 10855

11 pagesDate: September 7, 2023


This paper presents the preliminary design of a drone-based wildlife monitoring and conservation system that aims to improve and enhance wildlife population monitoring and detect illegal activities in national parks across the globe. The proposed monitoring system aims to makes use of flexibility of drone-based systems to access remote locations and hazardous environments at a lower cost and overcome the limitations traditional methods such as ground surveys and manned aircraft. The system will be able to assist in monitoring wildlife populations and analysing current conservation efforts by providing trend analyses and play a very important role in identifying threats to the population and detecting illegal activities such as animal poaching and trespassing. The proposed UAV system is designed through a study of meteorological history of Koyna Wildlife Reserve in India and Sri Lanna National Park in Thailand as case studies. Results from the analysis indicate that the cost of implementation of a UAV based system would be approximately $7200 per system. The incorporation of Machine learning to streamline and enhance effectives of the UAV system has also been proposed in this paper.

Keyphrases: Biodiversity, ecology, UAV, Wildlife Conservation

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