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A Structured Review of Grid Connected Micro Grid for PV Energy Management Systems

EasyChair Preprint no. 11758

15 pagesDate: January 13, 2024


 The incorporation of photovoltaic systems into micro grids has garnered noteworthy interest as an eco-friendly approach to distributing energy production; this review research aims to investigate the attributes of the grid-connected micro grid while putting a particular emphasis on photovoltaic energy management. Determining the photovoltaic system's ideal capacity within the micro grid aims to improve energy efficiency, lessen reliance on the primary grid, and encourage using renewable energy sources. Advanced modeling and simulation techniques are employed in suggested optimization framework assess the dynamic interactions between photovoltic panels, power storage systems, and the primary grid, which make up the micro grid. The optimization approach considers essential variables such as load demand patterns, grid electricity costs, and fluctuation in solar irradiation. The goal is to find a balance between maximizing powered by green energy and lowering total energy expenses. To assess the influence that different micro grid sizes have on the system's efficiency as a whole, that research looks via a number of situations. The ideal photovoltaic system size established using techno-economic criteria and scenario-based simulations. This considers variables like payback duration, the return on investment, and overall system dependability. With an emphasis on photovoltaic energy management, the results of the study offer significant perspectives on the planning and carrying out, grid-connected micro grids. The ideal micro grid size acts as a standard for upcoming green energy initiatives, giving stakeholders, legislators, and decision-makers a framework to make well-informed decisions as they move towards more environmentally friendly and resilient electricity systems.

Keyphrases: Battery Energy Storage System, energy management, photovoltaic micro grid, renewable energy resource

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