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Surveying Education in Construction Programs: A Systematic Review

9 pagesPublished: May 26, 2024


Construction surveying is part of the core curriculum in construction degree programs. Focusing on teaching the surveying fundamentals, instrument use and practice, and more importantly, the interpretation and communication of surveying outcomes in different stages of construction projects, these programs have a critical mission to train the future workforce of construction professionals competent in surveying. As a preliminary effort to explore the status of surveying education in construction programs, this systematic review aims to scrutinize the existing literature on construction surveying education, highlighting trends and developments in pedagogical approaches, technological integration, industry demands, and academic standards. First, a set of qualifying criteria is developed, articles are searched from scholarly databases, and then the articles are screened using a machine learning tool. In the final step, the articles are reviewed to determine their fit into the topic. The findings highlight key themes: blended learning, emerging technology, evolving industry needs, and learning advancements, where most of the scholarly works direct their efforts. This study adds to the body of knowledge of surveying education literature by providing a comprehensive analysis of evolving skillsets and pedagogical strategies that are shaping the future of construction surveying education.

Keyphrases: ASReview, Construction surveying, literature, Surveying education, systematic review

In: Tom Leathem, Wesley Collins and Anthony J. Perrenoud (editors). Proceedings of 60th Annual Associated Schools of Construction International Conference, vol 5, pages 247--255

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