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Validation of the quality of sleep data generated by Xiaomi Mi Band 5

4 pagesPublished: February 16, 2023


The wristbands are very popular among the population due to factors such as their low cost, ease of use, designs and the feedback they provide to the consumer. These wearables track activity, heart rate and sleep-wake patterns. However, few studies have analysed the reliability of the data collected by these activity devices.
The validation of sleep data should be carried out by comparing it with Polysomnog- raphy (PSG), which is the standard test for measuring sleep parameters in the clinical setting. Thus, the aim of this project is the validation of the data quality of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 wristband, when compared with the data by the hospital sleep unit devices during the performance of the polysomnography test.
In order to achieve this objective, an Epoch by Epoch (EBE) analysis will be performed to analyse how similar the results obtained by the two methods are. This analysis will use data from 45 people who underwent a PSG test and wore a Xiaomi Mi Band 5 bracelet for one night in a sleep unit of a hospital in A Corun ̃a. For this analysis, raw data from the PSG device and data from the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 wristband were used. In addition, different sleep variables were determined with the data extracted from both devices and following the guidelines of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) manual.

Keyphrases: Activity bands, Epoch by Epoch analysis, Polysomnography, self-quantification, sleep

In: Alvaro Leitao and Lucía Ramos (editors). Proceedings of V XoveTIC Conference. XoveTIC 2022, vol 14, pages 159--162

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