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Translating a Large Software from C# to C++: An Experience Report

12 pagesPublished: October 4, 2021


Converting source code from one programming language to another is a problem that occurs regularly in real life, but has attracted limited attention and has not been inves- tigated systematically. This paper presents the challenges of translating a large source code from one high-level programming language to another, and the solutions developed to resolve these problems. Furthermore, the paper introduces a systematic classification of the occurring challenges during the translation process and elaborates on the ability to handle them without manual intervention by a programmer. A detailed performance comparison between the two language versions of the code is being performed.

Keyphrases: File I/O, performance evaluation, software translation

In: Frederick C. Harris Jr, Rui Wu and Alexander Redei (editors). Proceedings of ISCA 30th International Conference on Software Engineering and Data Engineering, vol 77, pages 1--12

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