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Cocktail II

2 pagesPublished: June 22, 2012


Cocktail II is an interactive tool for deriving programs from specifications. Instead of verifying a program after it was constructed, Cocktail II aids the goal oriented derivation of a program. First, the user provides a pre- and postcondition. Then, the program to fill the gap between these condition is constructed by manually inserting statements between them. The tool computes the sub specifications of the new gaps, which can then be manually refined further. Finally, when a precondition of a gap implies its postcondition, the gap can be closed. Cocktail II also provides support for constructing the required proof. The program is complete when all gaps are closed.

Keyphrases: program derivation, specification, theorem proving

In: Andrei Voronkov, Laura Kovács and Nikolaj Bjorner (editors). WING 2010. Workshop on Invariant Generation 2010, vol 1, pages 92--93

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