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Remote sensing and assessment of coral reef coverage at Archipiélago Espíritu Santo Na-tional Park, BCS.

6 pagesPublished: November 4, 2019


The analysis of satellite images provides an alternative and complementary method for a better understanding of coral reef ecosystems profitably, with large-scale and near-real- time data. The present study focuses on the presence of coral reef at the Archipelago Espiritu Santo National Park, using high-resolution multispectral images (10 m2) from the Sentinel-2B satellite of the European Space Agency ESA. A Random Forest algorithm was applied to the reflectance bands to estimate bathymetry and classify the seabed in order to assess the coral reef coverage on the island. The results shown are suitable for bathymetry with a variance explained by R2 = 0.895, on the other hand, the classification of bottom type indicates a submerged area of 161.23 ha of coral reef coverage. Reef map- ping, beyond identifying its distribution, has the potential to quantify other parameters that may be important when monitoring these ecosystems.

Keyphrases: coral reef, remote sensing, Sentinel2

In: Oscar S. Siordia, José Luis Silván Cárdenas, Alejandro Molina-Villegas, Gandhi Hernandez, Pablo Lopez-Ramirez, Rodrigo Tapia-McClung, Karime González Zuccolotto and Mario Chirinos Colunga (editors). Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Geospatial Information Sciences, vol 13, pages 56--61

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