New Geometric Based Features for Facial Expression Recognition

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3January 29, 20215

Reviewer I:

We would like to thank Reviewer for helpful suggestions.

Comment 1:  Abstract is weak. You should write quantitative results.  You can write the best feature selection method.

Answer 1: Abstract is rewritten. Quantitative results and best feature selection method are given.
Comment 2:  About previous work. Please write previous work done on CK+ database. Then you will use these methods to compare your results.

Answer 2: Previous work done on CK+ database is given in Table-2. And these methods are compared with our results.

Comment 3:  At the end of the introduction, please write the aim of this paper and summarize your work.

Answer 3: The aim of this paper is given in at the end of the introduction.

Comment 4:  For the short form of the SVM, write “Support Vector Machines (SVM)” in the first usage of it.

Answer 4:  This is corrected.  

Comment 5:  Use dot instead of comma while showing your quantitative results. In English we write 89.5 instead of 89,5.

Answer 5: All commas are replaced with dots.

Comment 6:  Write “landmark points” instead of “landmarks points”.

Answer 6: This is corrected.

Comment 7:  In Table II, show other results produced on CK+ dataset in other papers. Then compare these results with your results and write a discussion on them.

Answer 7: The new comparison table includes other results produced on CK+ dataset in other papers and then a discussion about the comparison is given.

Keyphrases: facial expression recognition, feature selection, geometric based features, Support Vector Machine

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