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Adaptability and Yield Potential of Improved Sorghum Varieties in the Segou Region

EasyChair Preprint no. 7484

12 pagesDate: February 21, 2022


 Sorghum is a cereal of capital importance for agriculture and the diet of local populations in Mali. The cereal occupies a very important place in the family farming systems of Mali, particularly in the region of Ségou. The need to increase agricultural production in rural areas and to improve the standard of living of agricultural producers requires the introduction, in the rural sector of Ségou, of improved varieties adapted to the locality. The development and dissemination of improved varieties of sorghum with high yield potential can contribute to improving the well-being of farmers and food security in the region. This study aimed to evaluate the yields of 51 improved varieties of sorghum and the control of the locality. It was carried out in four villages in the Ségou region (Diakobougou, Seribougou, Sekoro, and Diakoro). It identified 20 best improved varieties of sorghum with high yield potential in the first year and in the second year out of the 20 varieties, 5 varieties were selected. The assessment of the adaptability of the yield potential of sorghum varieties contributed to the analysis of the stability of yields of sorghum varieties in the four rural communes of the Ségou region. The results obtained show that the varieties react differently in the different localities of the study. Some improved varieties have a higher yield depending on the localities that represented the study area. The main variances in this article were grain production and yield per hectare. Keyword: Yield potential of varieties; farmers; Adaptability.

Keyphrases: - Rendement des Variétés de Sorgho, adaptation, potentiel

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