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Proposed intelligent database formation and data storage

EasyChair Preprint no. 2058

5 pagesDate: December 1, 2019


Humans have always needed information in their daily lives. In other words, humans collect information from the raw facts known as data and generate and use new data or information.

It is necessary to store and retrieve data to reuse data in daily activities and transfer to Indegan and others. If the information volume is small and small, the basic systems will be useful, but as the volume of information increases, they should be maintained according to a specific system and structure.In other words, high volume data is useful when it is stored in a database.

One of the requirements of waste management is the creation of a database of waste production bases.

The project is aimed at smartening and creating a web-based database to reduce paper consumption and archive and accelerate the flow of information.Data storage and retrieval is one of the basic needs of government departments. It is designed to store and aggregate textual data.

The proposed database consists of organized information or data that is typically stored electronically in computer systems.

Keyphrases: data, database, make smart, management, the Web, waste

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