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Study of the Arithmetic Task’s Solution by Students with Musical and Biological Education

EasyChair Preprint no. 4515

3 pagesDate: November 7, 2020


The study was devoted to the mechanisms of cognitive task’s solution by musicians and biologists. It was shown that the solving’s time for addition’s tasks in musicians is almost 2 times lower than in biologists. In the numerical proof-reading test, all students had an above average level of attention stability, as well as a high level of accuracy. In biologists, the accuracy of the test was higher, and the rate of activity was lower. For musicians, increased attention span leads to increased productivity and work rate. When performing tasks, the musicians had increased theta and alpha activity in the anterior and posterior regions, which reflected the activation of the voluntary attention system. In biologists, the level of productivity was lower, and the accuracy of execution was higher, which was accompanied by EEG activation’s decrease. The solution time and the correct answer’s quantity were higher for biologists during the arithmetic task’s solution. In musicians, theta band frequencies in the frontal-central region were dominated. In biologists, the theta and alpha band frequencies were dominated. If the answer was incorrect, musicians had a decrease, and biologists had an increase in EEG activation.

Keyphrases: arithmetic tasks, biologists, EEG, musicians, solution time

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