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Arduino-Based Automatic Emergency Lighting System with Bluetooth Module

EasyChair Preprint no. 10442

6 pagesDate: June 23, 2023


The development of technology in modern times is very rapid which brings humans more creative and innovative thinking. That way, many people will try to create new inventions that can help humans in everyday life. Automatic control devices will definitely be one of the tools that can help humans, especially in controlling automatic lights. So, an automatic emergency light system based on Arduino Uno was made using Bluetooth. This tool is used with the aim of automatic control of lights, through an application on a smartphone without turning off or turning on the lights manually. Arduino Uno will give commands to the relay and bluetooth module. Automatic control equipment Smartphone will give commands to Arduino Uno via Bluetooth Module. Then forwarded to the relay as a connector and breaker of electricity that works using electromagnetic principles. The lights will automatically turn on and off according to input from the smartphone.

Keyphrases: 5V relay, Arduino Uno, Bluetooth module HC-05, emergency light, Smartphone.

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