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“Aging in Place” a Sustainable Solution? - a Case Study Case Applied to the Third Sector

EasyChair Preprint no. 5036

6 pagesDate: February 25, 2021


Demographic aging has become a major issue in the field of social policies over the past few years. It is necessary to find appropriate answers for the older populations. With the evolution of the aging index, a new concept appears, “Aging in Place”. Demographic changes, the scarcity of social facilities and the high costs of these social responses dictated the appearance of this phenomenon: “aging at home”. In Portugal, it is up to the social sector institutions to find answers in order to satisfy the needs of vulnerable audiences. As an example to follow, Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Melgaço created an innovative project that promotes aging at home. This article aims to analyze the sustainability of an innovative social response in the municipality of Melgaço. This analysis is directly linked to the fulfillment of its mission, that is, the satisfaction of its customers. The study is based on the case study procedure and the results are intended to assess whether this atypical and innovative response is sustainable, or whether it will require other sources of funding.

Keyphrases: aging in place, Dependência, envelhecimento demográfico, Stakeholders, Sustentabilidade

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