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Using TinkerCAD: 3D Design Software for Teaching Lessons to Minors and Adults

EasyChair Preprint no. 2038

26 pagesDate: November 26, 2019


TinkerCAD: 3D Design Software will be tested in two different learning environments. The purpose is to evaluate whether the use of such software helps to better understand and teach the lesson to its users and how juvenile and adult learners react to it.The educational ranks that will be critically used in this tool are the Delasal Syros First High School and the 1st year of the Nursing Assistant specialty of the Syros Public Vocational Training Institute. In both educational levels it will be used for educational purposes based on the content of the subjects to be taught, following the relevant training of its users on how it is operated and operated. In the 1st High School the program will be used as part of the IT course. Specifically, the teaching of the creation of 3D graphics will be combined with elements from Cycladic culture. Students should study Cycladic figurines and then try to draw them in SketchUp. While in DIEK the software will be taught as part of the Practical Training course in order to learn the proper spatial organization of a Kindergarten. At the end of their educational use, the trainees by administering the same questionnaire will evaluate its results in relation to the expected learning outcomes. The choice of this particular drawing and visualization tool was mainly based on its ease of use and its multiple design capabilities. The above-mentioned action will be implemented in the IT labs of the respective educational unit, after the students have acquired basic knowledge about the educational subjects to be taught.

Keyphrases: 3D design, adults, Education, high school

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