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Reliability and Risk Analysis to Schedule Maintenance in Electromechanical Equipment

EasyChair Preprint no. 4193

4 pagesDate: September 15, 2020


The measure of equipment reliability is the frequency with which failures occur. If there isn't, the equipment is one hundred percent reliable; if the frequency is very low, the reliability of the equipment is still acceptable, but if it is very high, the equipment is unreliable. The process of designing a maintenance program is carried out considering the current state of the equipment, considering the information from the historical data of the equipment. Within the technical and technological possibilities, the priority point is to cover maintenance needs, as is the case with the Mexican Postal Service, which urgently requires the rehabilitation of electromechanical systems such as conveyor belts, electric motors and mechanical transmission elements. This article presents a methodology and a case study where the proportional hazard model is used to determine the reliability and risk of existing repairable systems. The possibility of modeling to obtain online values of reliability and risk of the systems is discussed. In this case, we try to model reliability considering the current operating time of the equipment, the number of maintenance interventions and the value of the specific monitored parameters. Then, the reliability is used to calculate the risk of the equipment for a given failure mode during a given period, and to do so, the impact of the equipment failure mode is estimated from historical data, thereby achieving the objective of design the specific maintenance program for existing electromechanical equipment.

Keyphrases: Maintenance, Rehabilitation., Reliability, Risk

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